Scholarly article on the European Governance Agenda: EU Engagement with Civil Society Organisations in Conflic-Ridden Countries: A Governance Perspective from Georgia, Cyprus and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deliverable D.6.3 presentato a ottobre 2013 (M34) in adempimento dei requisiti del progetto Cultures of governance and conflict resolution in Europe and India (CORE) - Workpackage 6 Assessment of Governance Initiatives.

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Oslo, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), October 2013, 23 p.
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Four perspectives on EU governance of foreign conflicts through CSO support
1. The EU and civil society in the Georgian/Abkhaz conflict
    The EU assistance to the civil society: an overview
2. The EU's support to civil society in Cyprus
    History of inter-communal peace engagement
    The EU assistance to the civil society
3. EU support for civil society in BiH
    Bosnian civil society in the post-war period
    EU assistance to the civil society
Comparative analysis and conclusions

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