Promoting Democracy in the EMP. Which Political Strategy?

This is the third report, again authored by the coordinator. It concludes the debates and research initiated in 2001 on the “Search for Common Ground on Euro-Med Security” and takes stock of the result of the final seminar held in Rome on 8 May 2004 (see Annex). While previous Reports were devoted essentially to EMP policy agendas, this report reflects on the EU strategy to promote democracy in the EMP, an issue that after the stalemate at Marseilles has become a central concern in the EU, in the US with President George W. Bush’s initiatives towards the Middle East and the Islamic world, and in trans-Atlantic relations.

Rapporto del terzo anno di attività del Working Group I EuroMeSCo (Working Group on the Search for a Euro-Med Security Common Ground).

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Lisboa, EuroMeSCo Secretariat at the IEEI, novembre 2004, 18 p. (EuroMeSCo Reports)
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Findings and Recommendations
Policy Agendas and Strategy
The ‘Partnership’ Strategy: Inclusion and Ownership
The Impact of the European Neighbourhood Policy
The Risk of an Inward-looking Approach
Who do we Talk with in the MENA?
Conclusions: Guidelines for a New Policy Agenda

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