Managing Change. NATO's Partnerships and Deterrence in a Globalized World

Risultato della prima conferenza accademica organizzata da NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Università di Bologna e Istituto affari internazionali (IAI), Bologna, 21-22 giugno 2011.

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Norfolk, NATO Allied Command Transformation, novembre 2011, 72 p.
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Foreword, by Mark Barrett, p. viii-ix
Introduction, by Riccardo Alcaro & Sonia Lucarelli, p. xii-xv
Focus Area I. Deterrence
Defining the Right Mix of Capabilities: The Irreplaceable Role of NATO Nuclear Arrangements, by Bruno Tertrais, p. I-5-10
Sustaining Deterrence: Conventional Forces, Nuclear Arms and Missile Defense, by Bastian Giegerich, p. I-14-18
Focus Area II. Partnerships
Why Connect? On the Conceptual Foundations of NATO Partnerships, by Sten Rynning, p. II-5-12
Outreaching with Purpose: A Debate on NATO Partnerships, by Federico Casprini, p. II-15-17
Focus Area III. The Global Commons
NATO and the Global Commons: A Perspective on Emerging Challenges, by James Sperling, p. III-5-16
NATO's Contribution to Safeguarding the Global Commons, by Dick Bedford, p. III-19-20
List of participants, p. IV-2

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