Italy-Turkey Dialogue on Technological Innovation

This project aims to identify ways and means to increase technological cooperation between institutions and companies of two large developed countries and important economies, Italy and Turkey. After a short introductory review on the two national research and technology systems the report describes the situation, programs, capabilities and opportunities in two particular sectors - distributed energy generation and renewable sources (DG) and the internet of the future (IF) - that will probably have an important impact on the future of the two countries’ economies and societies. Both sectors have similar interesting characteristics (development based on existing technologies accompanied by strong research programs, very high “pervasiveness”, big growth expectations based on new potential applications) and are crucial for the development of small, dispersed communities typical of both countries. The report, supported by background papers written by high-level specialists, illustrates and assesses status, development policies, efforts and resources devoted to these sectors. Highlights of the longer-term prospects are also included. Some remarks, focusing mostly on the potential bilateral and multilateral cooperation, conclude the report.

Documento preparato dall'Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) e dal Global Relations Forum (GRF) nell'ambito dell'VII Forum di dialogo italo-turco, Roma, 8-9 novembre 2010.

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Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, novembre 2010, 44 p.
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I. Research and Technological Development in Italy
1. Key players
2. RTD expenditures and policies
3. Governance and support policies
II. Research and Technological Development in Turkey
1. Technology Policy and Planning Key Players
2. R&D Activity: Key Players
3. Implementing Technology Strategy: Institutions and Policies
4. Looking forward: Driving forces of R&D
5. Room for Improvement
III. Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation
1. Concepts and Prospects
    1.1. Concepts
    1.2. Prospects
2. DG in Italy
    2.1. The penetration of renewable and distributed generation
    2.2. The legislative and regulatory system
    2.3. The renewable and distributed generation industry
    2.4. Longer-term outlook
3. DG in Turkey
    3.1. Renewable Sources: Current State
    3.2. Setting Policy Targets: 2023 Objectives
    3.3. Institutional and Legislative Framework
    3.4. Looking Forward: Key Assets
4. Potential for Bilateral Collaboration
IV. Internet of the future (IF)
1. Concepts and Prospects
1.1. Development of ICT in Europe
1.2. Prospects for next generation Internet
2. IT in Italy
    2.1. The Italian ITC industry
    2.2. R&D trends
    2.3. Content of Internet of the Future projects
    2.4. Support policies
3. IT in Turkey
   3.1. ICT in General
   3.2. Telecommunications
   3.3. Information Technologies
Concluding remarks

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