Italy (in EU-27 Watch 8)

Pubblicato anche come EU-27 Watch No. 8: Italy, Roma, IAI, aprile 2009, 19 p. (Documenti IAI 09|04).

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in EU-27 Watch, No. 8 (March 2009)
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1.1. How does the future of the EU look like after the Irish ‘No’? - Linkage between European citizens and EU institutions has to be restored
1.2. Transatlantic relations renewed after President Bush: top priorities - Beginning of a new era in international relations
1.3 Financial crisis - A year of uncertainties brings the need to connect with the new dynamic areas of the world
2. Looking back to the French Presidency - Sarkozy’s combination of activism and pragmatism, concerns about Czech Presidency
3. Prospects for ENP and enlargement after ‘Georgia’ - Structural weakness of the European Neighbourhood Policy, strong and balanced relationship with Russia needed
4. Current issues and discourses in your country - Concerns about public order and illegal immigration

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