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Italian politics: The great escape


The so-called yellow-red coalition government (formed by the 5 Star Movement, the Democratic Party and some other small political parties) has so far been costly for the Democratic Party (PD). When it comes to national parliament voting intention, the PD currently scores 18% (-5%), followed by the 5 Star Movement (M5S) with 16% (-4%), thus lagging far behind the League (33%).1 To regain electoral support, the PD needs to deliver what is an anti-Salvini coalition and transform it into a coalition that functions properly. Effective economic reforms that both respect the EU parameters and benefi t middle- and low-income families are of vital importance. Yet there is also a need for innovative green policies aimed at more sustainable economic development and civil rights reforms, against the diffusion of the intolerance upon which Matteo Salvini has been building a successful political propaganda. Given that these needs are also shared by the M5S, they represent strong common political terrain for a workable political coalition.