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The EU-Africa peace and security partnership. Political and financial stumbling blocks and a few ways forward


Peace and security is an area in which the EU-Africa partnership has been particularly effective – despite the political falling outs of recent years. The partners’ different responses to the Ukraine crisis, for example, highlights their differing views on the global order. Such differences should not be brushed aside, but rather should be the starting point for an honest discussion about the issues that the partnership faces. The EU is not Africa’s only peace and security partner. African leaders have been diversifying their partnerships for a long time now, including in the peace and security realm. This has in some cases limited or even entirely side-lined the effectiveness of Europe’s peace and security operations and role in regional conflicts, especially in the Sahel. To continue to be a relevant actor, Europe should acknowledge these new partnerships and the African interests that drive them, and ensure financial support for African-led peace and security operations. The creation of the European Peace Facility (EPF), which to date has been used mainly to support Ukraine’s military response, adds to the challenges that the African Union is facing with regard to funding for peace and security operations. African leaders should proactively engage with European counterparts to ensure that their interests are duly considered in decisions affecting the EU-Africa peace and security partnership.

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