Developments in and Obstacles to the US Pivot to Asia: What Alternatives for Europe?

The new US strategic guidance released in January 2012 represents a hallmark of US President Barack Obama's foreign policy and forms integral part of the so-called "Pivot to Asia". However, rather than a radical departure from the past, the strategic guidance represents an evolution and extension of US foreign policy towards the region, envisaging the reallocation of American military assets from Europe to the Asia-Pacific. The implementation of the guidance strategy is a long-term and complex process: several challenges, tensions and frictions between the US and regional actors may hamper the implementation of the policy and will require a delicate balancing act in which China will play a key role. On the European side, the US shift should be seen as an opportunity to review the European Security Strategy and elaborate its own strategy towards Asia.

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Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, 2012, 15 p.
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1. The US new defense strategic guidance: between continuity and change
2. The implementation process: Vietnam, Singapore and India
2.1. Vietnam
2.2. Singapore: the 2012 Shangri-La Dialogue
2.3. The Indian keystone: a swing state or American linchpin?
3. Conclusion: reshaping the European posture

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