Defence Industrial Links between EU and US

European Commission new initiative, with the European Defence Fund (EDF), has for objective to increase the competitiveness of the European Defence Technology Industrial Base (EDTIB) and to propose incentives to European cooperative programmes. It could have consequences on the EDTIB structure with further consolidation. EDTIB’s future will also be shaped by the external landscape, particularly with the acquisition by EU countries of US made equipment and their cooperation with US DTIB on armament programmes. This report evaluates the links between EU and US DTIB, highlights the challenge of the future relationship between US and EU on defence industrial matters in view of the EC communication on the European Defence Fund and of the PESCO. Finally, the report makes recommendations to foster the creation of a more fruitful and balanced relationship between EU and US DTIB in the future.

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in Ares Group Reports, No. 20 (September 2017), 50 p.
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1. Case Studies

1.1 France
1.2 Germany
1.3. Italy
1.4 Sweden
1.5 UK
2. A Statistical Approach to Ownership: Links Between the Major European and US Contractor
3. Lessons Learned from Links Between EU and US DTIB

3.1 Links developed through history
3.2 Links formalized by international agreements
3.3 The different model of US/EU DTIB cooperation
3.4 Links between US DTIB and EU DTIB and European defence industrial policy
Conclusion: How to Accomodate US/EU DTIB Links and European Defence Industrial Policy

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