The Cyprus Peace Process Since March 2008: Short History, State of the Art and What is Next in Store

The ongoing peace process in Cyprus, started in March 2008, is still work in progress, which has not yet reached the point of no return. All negotiating matters have been explored, classified and discussed. Some of them have been negotiated in depth and a few agreements have even been reached. But most of the knots to reach a comprehensive settlement are yet to be untied. A solution to governance matters is in sight, whereas a compromise on the all important question of property is still elusive. The UNSG Ban Ki-moon will meet the leaders of the two Cypriot communities in Geneva on January 26th to take stock of the outstanding problems and of the leaders' plans to solve them. In reconstructing and analysing the main developments, this article strives to keep equal distance from the contending sides.

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Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, gennaio 2011, 12 p.
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1. Settlement Framework of the Talks
2. The Initial Negotiating Stage
3. Talat’s Last-Ditch Effort
4. The Current Stage
5. The Property Chapter
6. The Tripartite Meeting in New York and Its Follow-up

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