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Recent Publications 44:4

p. 113-120
In: The International Spectator

How can Europe engage with Islamist movements?

Nona Mikhelidze, Nathalie Tocci
in Michael Emerson, Kristina Kausch, Richard Youngs (eds.), Islamist Radicalisation. The Challenge for Euro-Mediterranean Relations, Brussels, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and Madrid, FRIDE, June 2009, p. 151-169
In: Altri paper e articoli

Il dilemma dell'Islam

Laura Guazzone,
Milano, Franco Angeli, novembre 1995, 295 p.
In: Lo spettatore internazionale 2

The Islamist Dilemma

Laura Guazzone,
Reading, Ithaca Press, settembre 1995, xvi, 390 p. (International Politics of the Middle East Series)
In: Monografie