Pubblicazioni > Nord Africa

Material Factors for the MENA Region

Martin Keulertz,
Roma, IAI, dicembre 2016, 43 p.
In: MENARA Papers

On the Importance of Ideas, Identities and Values in the MENA Region

Nizar Messari
Roma, IAI, dicembre 2016, 16 p.
In: MENARA Papers

Re-conceptualizing Orders in the MENA Region

Eduard Soler i Lecha, Silvia Colombo, Lorenzo Kamel [...],
Roma, IAI, novembre 2016, 114 p.
In: MENARA Papers

Italy and Security in the Mediterranean

Alessandro Marrone, Michele Nones,
Roma, Nuova Cultura, ottobre 2016, 154 p.
In: IAI Research Papers

The New US President: Implications for the Middle East and North Africa

Robert Springborg
Roma, IAI, ottobre 2016, 6 p.
In: MENARA Papers

Strengthening the EU's External Action: The Need for an EU Food Diplomacy?

Daniele Fattibene
Roma, IAI, luglio 2016, 20 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Implications of the EU Global Strategy for the Middle East and North Africa

Eduard Soler i Lecha, Nathalie Tocci
Roma, IAI, luglio 2016, 4 p.
In: MENARA Papers

Oil Price Volatility and the Implications for European Foreign and Security Policy

Nicolò Sartori
Roma, IAI, giugno 2016, 26 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

The Impending Water Crisis in the MENA Region

George Joffé
p. 55-66
In: The International Spectator

Changing Hydropolitical Relations in the Nile Basin

Rawia Tawfik
p. 67-81
In: The International Spectator