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Resilience and the role of the European Union in the world

Nathalie Tocci
in Contemporary Security Policy, online 8 July 2019, 19 p.
In: Altri paper e articoli

Shifting Borders and New Technological Frontiers: The Case of Italy

Jean Pierre Darnis
Roma, IAI, settembre 2018, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

The Liberal Order and its Contestations

Riccardo Alcaro,
London and New York, Routledge, August 2018, x, 173 p.
In: Monografie

Vol. 53, No. 1, March 2018

Riccardo Alcaro,
In: The International Spectator

Contested Issues Surrounding Populism in Public and Academic Debates

Bertjan Verbeek, Andrej Zaslove
The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 2, June 2019, p. 1-16
In: The International Spectator

Italy's 'Middle Power' Approach to Russia

Marco Siddi
The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 2, June 2019, p. 123-138
In: The International Spectator

Palestine in World Society: Beyond Middle East Exceptionalism

Ali Bilgiç
The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 1 (March 2019), p. 130-131
In: The International Spectator

The Liberal Order and its Contestations. A Conceptual Framework

Riccardo Alcaro
p. 1-10
In: The International Spectator

Contestation and Transformation. Final Thoughts on the Liberal International Order

Riccardo Alcaro
p. 152-167
In: The International Spectator

States versus Corporations: Rethinking the Power of Business in International Politics

Milan Babic, Jan Fichtner, Eelke M. Heemskerk
p. 20-43
In: The International Spectator