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Framing an EU Response to Israel's Annexation of the West Bank

Nathalie Tocci
Roma, IAI, luglio 2020, 6 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

A New Venice Declaration from a "Coalition of the Lead Donors" on Israel/Palestine

Daniela Huber
Roma, IAI, aprile 2019, 6 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

Europe and the Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Call for Coherence

Andrea Dessì
Roma, IAI, novembre 2017, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

EU Aid and Development Planning in the Occupied West Bank

Andrea Dessì
Roma, IAI, ottobre 2017, 5 p.
In: Documenti IAI

The Challenge of Long-Term Development in the Occupied West Bank: Voices from the Field

Francesco Michele, Dario Rossi D'Ambrosio
Roma, IAI, ottobre 2017, 5 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)

Ruba Salih, Lynn Welchman, Elena Zambelli
Roma, IAI, aprile 2017, 29 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

Linking Social Capital

Rita Giacaman, Suzan Mitwalli, Weeam Hammoudeh
Roma, IAI, aprile 2017, 34 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

Organizational Factors of Youth Exclusion and Inclusion in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Birzeit University
Roma, IAI, dicembre 2016, 28 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

The Shortfall of Development Policies to Address Youth Issues in Palestine

Abeer Musleh
Roma, IAI, maggio 2016, 26 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

The Intifada and the Balance of Power in the Region

Yusif A. Sayigh
p. 143-164
In: The International Spectator