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India at a Crossroads: SDGs and Cooperation with the EU

Aayushi Liana Shah

In: IAI Commentaries 21|12

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Implications of COVID-19 on East Africa–EU Partnership on Migration and Forced Displacement

Tsion Tadesse Abebe, Ottilia Anna Maunganidze

In: IAI Papers 21|08

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An Agenda for the G20 to Reset Global Trade Cooperation

Anabel González

In: IAI Commentaries 21|09

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European Strategic Autonomy: What It Is, Why We Need It, How to Achieve It

Nathalie Tocci

In: Altri paper e articoli

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The EU One Year after the Covid-19 Outbreak: An Italian-German Perspective

Nicoletta Pirozzi, Luca Argenta, Paweł Tokarski

In: IAI Papers 21|07

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EU-Korea Security Relations

Nicola Casarini

In: Monografie

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From EU Enlargement Fatigue to Ambiguity

Matteo Bonomi

In: Altri paper e articoli

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Van Wittel/Vanvitelli Roundtable Policy Report

Eleonora Poli, Monika Sie Dhian Ho, Brigitte Dekker

In: Documenti IAI 21|04

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