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Who Needs Whom? Turkey and Israel Agree on Normalization Deal

Mohammed Alsaftawi

In: IAI Working Papers 16|30

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Energy Relations between Turkey and Israel

Aybars Görgülü, Sabiha Senyücel Gündoğar

In: MENARA Papers Future Notes 3

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The Impact of the EU-Turkey Statement on Protection and Reception: The Case of Greece

Angeliki Dimitriadi

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Papers 15

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Youth Exclusion and the Transformative Impact of Organized Youth in Turkey

Ali Alper Akyüz, Pinar Gümüs, Volkan Yilmaz

In: Power2Youth Papers 21

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Turkey and the European Union: Scenarios for 2023

Nathalie Tocci

In: FEUTURE Papers Background paper 1

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Equilibri in movimento tra Turchia, Nato e Russia

Vincenzo Camporini

In: Altri paper e articoli

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The Refugee Card in EU-Turkey Relations

Laura Batalla Adam

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Papers 14

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Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Insecure Lives in an Environment of Pseudo-Integration

Ahmet İçduygu, Evin Millet

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Papers 13

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Turkey's African Experience: From Venture to Normalisation

Mehmet Özkan

In: IAI Working Papers 16|20

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Vol. 51, No. 3, September 2016


Ukraine: How Did We Get Here?

Giovanna De Maio

In: The International Spectator 51/3
Vol. 51, No. 3, September 2016

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