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The Moscow-Ankara Energy Axis and the Future of EU-Turkey Relations

Nona Mikhelidze, Nicolò Sartori, Oktay F. Tanrisever

In: FEUTURE Papers Online Paper 5

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The South Caucasus in the European Union's Perspective: Not a Single Region

Nona Mikhelidze

In: Altri paper e articoli

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Making Sense of Rising German-Turkish Tensions

Adrian Eppel

In: IAI Commentaries 17|08

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Trends in Turkish Civil Society

E. Fuat Keyman, Nathalie Tocci, Michael Werz

In: Altri paper e articoli

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Turkey, the EU and the Mediterranean: Perceptions, Policies and Prospects

Aybars Görgülü, Gülşah Dark Kahyaoğlu

In: MEDRESET Papers Working Paper 7

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Labour Market Integration of Syrian Refugees in Germany and Turkey

Asli Selin Okyay

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Papers 18

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Syria's Impact on the Kurdish Peace Process in Turkey

Eva Maria Resch

In: IAI Working Papers 17|24

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