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Europe's Green Wave and the Future of the Energy Union

Lorenzo Colantoni

In: IAI Commentaries 19|36

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Energy Union Watch, No. 15

Nicolò Sartori, Lorenzo Colantoni, Margherita Bianchi

In: Energy Union Watch 15

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EU Reform and Climate Policies: Two Birds with One Stone

Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf, Sebastian Oberthür

In: IAI Commentaries 19|31

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The Future of the EU – the Role of Climate and Energy Policies. Conclusions

Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf

In: Altri paper e articoli

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Un cambiamento a tutto gas

Nicolò Sartori

In: Altri paper e articoli

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Sustainable Development in the MENA Region

Edgar Göll, André Uhl, Jakob Zwiers

In: MENARA Papers Future Notes 20

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Water and Food Security Strategies in the MENA Region

Martin Keulertz

In: MENARA Papers Future Notes 18

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Empowering Africa

Lorenzo Colantoni, Giuseppe Montesano, Nicolò Sartori

In: Global Politics and Security 1

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Human Security and Climate Change. Vulnerabilities in the Sahel

Nicolò Sartori, Daniele Fattibene

In: Altri paper e articoli

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