Partnership with NATO Defense College

IAI does cooperate since 2011 with the NATO Defense College (NDC) on initiatives aimed to promote the debate abouteuro-atlantic security and NATO. The partnership aims to engage a variety of international actors, government agencies and institutions as well as the private sector, academia and think tanks, in order to improve the quality of the reflection and its global outreach.

The most recent event has been the international conference jointly organized with NATO Public Diplomacy Division, in partnership with Elettronica, as well as with Rivista Italiana Difesa as media partner. Instability, crises and conflicts in in the Mediterranean area are interconnected with international Islamic terrorism and the flow of refugees and migrants which Europe has to face. Stabilizing North Africa and Middle East should be a shared goal to which NATO, EU and single member states could contribute. A report drawn on the event findings to discuss the main issues in this regard.

In 2016, a seminar has been jointly organized by the two partners at IAI premises, in order to have an informed discussion among high-level practitioners and experts on the topic of Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) capabilities, ahead of Alliance’s Warsaw Summit. The seminar resulted also in a report including the main findings of the debate.

Previously, the two public conferences “Afghanistan to 2014 and beyond – Ask and Task” (2013) and “NATO and the Arab Spring” (2011) were organized in Rome in cooperation with the NATO Defense College Foundation.

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