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Covid-19 and the erosion of politics in Italy

Eleonora Poli
in Sophia Russack (ed.), The effect of Covid on EU democracies, EPIN Report, 30 April 2021, p. 22-23
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Dealing with EU accession in times of uncertainties. From halfway commitments to overlapping agendas

Matteo Bonomi
in FEPS Policy Briefs, April 2021, 6 p.
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A new multilateralism for the post-COVID world: What role for the EU-Africa partnership?

Luca Barana, Daniele Fattibene
(with Chloe Teevan, Gabriela Iacobuta, Silke Weinlich, Steffen Bauer), in EETG Publications, April 2021, 21 p.
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L'Union européenne entre autonomie stratégique et souveraineté technologique: impasses et opportunités

Jean Pierre Darnis
in FRS Recherches & Documents, n°8/2021 (avril 2021), 17 p.
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Unione europea: cittadinanza e beni comuni europei

Eleonora Poli, Margherita Salvia
Roma, IAI, aprile 2021, 7 p.
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Financing Infrastructure Investments for Local Communities

Valeria Branca
Roma, IAI, aprile 2021, 12 p.
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Reviving and Reorienting Growth after the Pandemic: The Role of Local Infrastructure Investments

Nicola Bilotta, Alberto Pozzolo
Roma, IAI, marzo 2021, 57 p.
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The Plight of the Western Balkans Is a Wake-up Call for Europe

Vedran Džihić, Paul Schmidt, Eleonora Poli
Roma, IAI, marzo 2021, 4 p.
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COVID-19 and the Global Vaccine Race

Lorenza Errighi
Roma, IAI, marzo 2021, 6 p.
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