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Differentiated Integration in the Energy Sector and Its Contribution to the European Goals of Affordability, Security of Supply and Sustainability

Luca Franza, Héctor Sánchez Margalef, Margherita Bianchi

In: EU IDEA Papers Policy Paper 12

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Italia ed Europa di fronte alla crisi libica

Silvia Colombo

In: Monografie

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Why Europe Should Care about Energy Poverty in its Green Transition

Marta Massera

In: IAI Commentaries 20|96

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Peeling Turkey Away from Russia’s Embrace: A Transatlantic Interest

Nathalie Tocci

In: IAI Commentaries 20|93

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Fostering a New Security Architecture in the Middle East

Silvia Colombo, Andrea Dessì

In: Monografie

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A Ceasefire with Feet of Clay: The Potential Spoilers of Peace in Libya

Dario Cristiani

In: IAI Commentaries 20|86

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Winners, Losers and Absentees in Nagorno Karabakh

Nathalie Tocci, Nona Mikhelidze

In: IAI Commentaries 20|84

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Green Deal Watch, No. 2

Luca Franza, Margherita Bianchi, Lorenzo Colantoni

In: Green Deal Watch 2

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