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Opposition Parties in the European Parliament: The Cases of Syriza, Podemos and the Five Star Movement

Eugenio Salvati
The International Spectator, Vol. 56, No. 1, March 2021, p. 126-142
In: The International Spectator

Italian Euroscepticism and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Survey Insights

Olimpia Fontana
Roma, IAI, dicembre 2020, 5 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

2020: The American Revolution that Wasn't

Anthony Gregory
Roma, IAI, novembre 2020, 24 p.
In: IAI Papers

Three Stories from USA 2020

Riccardo Alcaro
Roma, IAI, novembre 2020, 5 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

Le elezioni negli Stati Uniti

Riccardo Alcaro
Roma, IAI, ottobre 2020, 21 p. : ill.
In: IAI Papers

Focus euroatlantico, n. 15 (giugno-ottobre 2020)

Riccardo Alcaro,
Roma, Senato, ottobre 2020, 58 p.
In: Studi per il Parlamento

Religion vs. Secularism in Contemporary World Politics

Cesare Merlini
Roma, IAI, settembre 2020, 5 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

Defence G2G Agreements: National Strategies Supporting Export and Cooperation

Alessandro Marrone, Ester Sabatino
Roma, IAI, settembre 2020, 37 p.
In: Documenti IAI

La regolamentazione italiana degli accordi G2G nel settore della difesa

Alessandro Marrone, Michele Nones, Ester Sabatino
Roma, IAI, settembre 2020, 66 p.
In: Documenti IAI

Italy: Has Salvini Saved the Country from Himself? Not Yet

Eleonora Poli
in Michael Kaeding, Johannes Pollak and Paul Schmidt (eds), Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe. Views from the Capitals, p. 73-76
In: Altri paper e articoli