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The Security–Migration–Development Nexus Revised: A Perspective from the Sahel


The nexus of security, migration and development in Africa is crucial, but certainly not only because of the flows of migrants coming to Europe. It is evident that development, migration, peace and security are connected in several ways, but more light needs to be shed on the concrete effects of their interactions. In this complex framework, the Sahel region represents an important region where the security–migration–development nexus is particularly present and deserves further analysis. This research aims at re-conceptualizing this nexus through the analysis of this linkage in the Sahel region, and in particular vis-à-vis three case countries: Niger, Senegal and Sudan. The publication also recasts the European Union and the United States approaches to these dynamics and explores current and potential partnerships in the region.

This book is the result of a IAI-FEPS project entitled “The security-migration-development nexus revised: a perspective from the Sahel”. Revised version of six policy reports presented at an international conference held in Addis Ababa on 11 December 2017. Volume presented at the event “Avoiding the sandstorm in the Sahel”, Rome, 20 February 2018.

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