Perceptions of EU Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean by European Stakeholders

This report analyses the views of EU stakeholders on EU policies relating to agriculture and rural development in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) region. First, it outlines the structure of the EU agricultural system and the growing importance of global value chains and associated European export interests. Secondly, it analyses trade interests of the EU in the SEM, as this is crucial for an understanding of what constitutes a stakeholder of EU SEM policies and what such stakeholders’ motivations might be. Thirdly, it gives an overview of EU policies and projects in the SEM. Fourthly, it outlines the stakeholder universe of such EU programmes in the SEM (i.e., farmer associations, lobby groups, research centres, NGOs and government bodies), and how they influence the EU policy process about the region. Fifthly and finally, it analyses the European stakeholders’ views on EU policies on agriculture and rural development in the SEM region, drawing on the interview consultation carried out between January and February 2018 as well as the publications of the respective organizations.

Rome, IAI, November 2018, 32 p.
Working Paper 25
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1. Structure of the EU Agricultural System
1.1. Food Regimes and Trade Liberalization
1.2. Transformation of Agricultural Production and Intra-EU Differences
1.3. EU Agriculture and the Role of Rural Development
2. European Trade Interests in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean
3. EU Policies on Agriculture and Rural Development in the SEM
4. European Stakeholders of EU Polices on Agriculture and Rural Development in the SEM
4.1 Supranational, National and Regional Stakeholders of the EU
4.2. Producer Associations and Other Lobby Organizations Along the Agricultural Value Chain
4.3. NGOs and Research Centres
5. Trade with the SEM Matters, Rural Development Not So Much: Results from Content Analysis and Stakeholder Consultations
5.1. The Big Picture
5.2. The View of Producer Associations
5.3. Shades of Grey
5.4. Supranational, National and Regional Public Bodies
5.5. Research Centres and NGOs

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