Mapping Periods and Milestones of Past EU-Turkey Relations

This Working Paper aims to embed FEUTURE’s analysis of drivers of EU-Turkey relations in a historical context. It does so by outlining and discussing several narratives which represent influential interpretations of EU-Turkey relations at different times in history. It is argued that narratives on EU-Turkey relations became increasingly competitive in the course of time, both within EU and Turkey as well as between them. The paper maps these changes of narratives in light of different historical milestones and phases. The periodization also serves to outline trends of conflict, cooperation and convergence as manifested in the political discourse. Thereby, the paper also serves as starting point for the ensuing qualitative analysis of a vast set of sources, representing the debates in Turkey and the EU.

Cologne, University of Cologne, September 2016, 24 p.
Working paper 1
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1. Introduction
2. State of the Art and Conceptual Framework
3. Debates on EU-Turkey Relations: Identifying Narratives in Turkey and EU
4. Mapping Phases and Milestones
5. Conclusion

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