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The EU and the Iran Nuclear Deal: How to Proceed?


Trump steered the USA away from the diplomatic framework of the nuclear deal in yet an other blow to the transatlantic alliance. Indeed the JCPOA represents a landmark achievement for the European Union, a sign of its ability to affect the global stage as a complementary as well as autonomous voice vis-à-vis the US. So far, the deal has been successful in strengthening EU–Iran ties on different levels: the EU could assert essential moral standards and tame vital security issues while Iran was able to preserve the regime and emerge as a credible regional partner. Economically, cooperation has not moved as fast as expected but the JCPOA remains the most promising launch pad for a growing exchange. Even though the EU stood firmly on the legitimacy of the JCPOA, much uncertainty surrounds the kickback of American secondary sanctions and the possibility to keep delivering the terms of the deal.

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