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The Political Economy of Education in the Arab World

Hicham Alaoui, Robert Springborg

In: Books

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From Tectonic Shifts to Winds of Change in North Africa and the Middle East: Europe’s Role

Nathalie Tocci, Riccardo Alcaro, Francesca Caruso

In: IAI Papers 21|12

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Fostering a New Security Architecture in the Middle East

Silvia Colombo, Andrea Dessì

In: Books

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A Pyramid of Multilateral Confidence-Building Measures in the Middle East

Neil Quilliam, Sanam Vakil

In: IAI Papers 20|33

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The Quest to Launch Regional Integration Processes in West Asia and the Arabian Peninsula

Christian Koch, Adnan Tabatabai

In: IAI Papers 20|31

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Pax Americana vs. Inclusive Security in the Middle East

Trita Parsi

In: IAI Papers 20|30

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So Close Yet So Far Apart. Facilitating Dialogue and Cooperation across the Persian Gulf

Rouzbeh Parsi, Dina Esfandiary

In: IAI Papers 20|29

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