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Threats and Challenges to European Security and the Need for Well-informed Parliamentarians

Thanos Dokos
Berlin, German Marshall Fund of the United States, December 2019, 9 p. (Mercator European Dialogue papers)
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Civilian Crisis Management: Assessing the Readiness of EU Member States and Institutions

Nicoletta Pirozzi, Francesco Musi
Rome, IAI, December 2019, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

On European Power

Nathalie Tocci
Rome, IAI, December 2019, 9 p.
In: IAI Papers

Tavola rotonda italo-olandese Van Wittel/Vanvitelli

Eleonora Poli, Lara Laviola
Rome, IAI, December 2019, 10 p.
In: Documenti IAI

Die Europäische Union zwischen Integration und Disintegration

Gianni Bonvicini
(with Paolo Magagnotti), in Gregor Kirchhof, Mario Keller, Reiner Schmidt, Europa: In Vielfalt geeint! 30 Perspektiven zur Rettung Europas vor sich selbst, München, C.H. Beck, 2020, p. 435-447
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A Long-Term Perspective on NATO and the Multinational Order

Sinan Ülgen
Rome, IAI, December 2019, 16 p.
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Conceptualising Differentiated Integration: Governance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy

Sandra Lavenex, Ivo Križić
Rome, IAI, November 2019, 32 p.
In: EU IDEA Papers

The Future of the European Union: Scenarios for the Start of the New Legislature

Ferdinando Nelli Feroci
Rome, IAI, November 2019, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

From De-Europeanisation to Anti-Western Populism: Turkish Foreign Policy in Flux

Alper Kaliber, Esra Kaliber
The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 4, December 2019, p. 1-16
In: The International Spectator