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A proposito di anglosfera

Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, Valeria Termini

In: Other papers and articles

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Italy and Eastern Europe: A Dossier Subordinated to the Rome-Moscow Axis?

Nona Mikhelidze

In: Other papers and articles

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Focus euroatlantico, 05

Riccardo Alcaro

In: Reports for Parliament Focus euroatlantico 05

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Like a Bull in a China Shop: Uzbekistan Traces a New Foreign Policy Direction

Davide Cancarini

In: IAI Commentaries 17|19

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Dealing with the Russian Bear: Improving NATO's Response to Moscow's Military Exercise Zapad 2017

Guillaume Lasconjarias, Lukáš Dyčka

In: IAI Commentaries 17|18

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The Moscow-Ankara Energy Axis and the Future of EU-Turkey Relations

Nona Mikhelidze, Nicolò Sartori, Oktay F. Tanrisever

In: FEUTURE Papers Online Paper 5

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The North Atlantic: A Case of Bicontinental Regionalism

Riccardo Alcaro, Patrick Reilly

In: Other papers and articles

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The Mediterranean Reset: Geopolitics in a New Age

Anoushiravan Ehteshami, Daniela Huber, Maria Cristina Paciello

In: Other papers and articles

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