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An EU Integrated Approach in the Sahel: The Role for Governance

Bernardo Venturi

In: IAI Papers 19|03

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Europe: Is the System Broken?

Francesca Caruso

In: Other papers and articles

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Policies and Politics of Migration towards the European Elections

Maria Saide Liperi, Asli Selin Okyay

In: Documenti IAI 18|26

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Is the EU lost at sea? The EUGS and the implementation of a joined-up approach to migration

Maria Giulia Amadio Viceré

In: Other papers and articles EU Global Strategy Watch ; 5

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Beyond Unilateral Securitization

Emanuela Roman

In: MEDRESET Papers Policy Paper 6

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Turkey's Migration Policy Revisited: (Dis)Continuities and Peculiarities

Seçil Paçacı Elitok

In: IAI Papers 18|16

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