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The Future of EU Defence: A European Space, Data and Cyber Agency?

Jean Pierre Darnis
Roma, IAI, October 2017, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

Europa della difesa: forse ci siamo

Michele Nones
in Affari esteri, a. 49, n. 182 (autunno 2017), p. 718-729
In: Other papers/articles

Diritto internazionale dei conflitti armati

Natalino Ronzitti
6. ed., Torino, Giappichelli, 2017, xxiv, 445 p.
In: Other papers/articles

Non solo missili, la minaccia dei droni

Paola Sartori
in Airpress, n. 82 (ottobre 2017), p. 24-25
In: Other papers/articles

Quale futuro per l'Mtcr?

Michele Nones, Stefano Silvestri
in Airpress, n. 82 (ottobre 2017), p. 4-5
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Dealing with the Russian Bear: Improving NATO's Response to Moscow's Military Exercise Zapad 2017

Guillaume Lasconjarias, Lukáš Dyčka
Roma, IAI, October 2017, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

Brexit and European Defence: Between Uncertainty and Cooperation

Alessandro Marrone
in The Progressive Post, No. 5 (Summer 2017), p. 30-31
In: Other papers/articles

How to Make PeSCo a Success

Olivier de France, Claudia Major, Paola Sartori
in Ares Group Policy Papers, No. 21 (September 2017), 16 p.
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The UN Nuclear Ban Treaty and the NPT: Challenges for Nuclear Disarmament

Carlo Trezza
Roma, IAI, September 2017, 3 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

International Humanitarian Law and the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty

Adriano Iaria
Roma, IAI, September 2017, 4 p.
In: IAI Commentaries