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Italian Euroscepticism and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Survey Insights

Olimpia Fontana

In: IAI Commentaries 20|90

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How to Turn Rural Europe into a Welcoming Space for Migrants

Irene Ponzo

In: IAI Commentaries 20|89

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Italy and Australia: Time for a Strategic Partnership

Gabriele Abbondanza

In: IAI Commentaries 20|87

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External Differentiation in Migration: Boosting or Hollowing Out the Common EU Policy?

Asli Selin Okyay, Sandra Lavenex, Ivo Križić

In: EU IDEA Papers Policy Paper 10

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NATO toward 2030: a resilient Alliance and its main priorities

Ottavia Credi, Alessandro Marrone, Roberto Menotti

In: Other papers and articles

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NATO's Future: Euro-Atlantic Alliance in a Peacetime War

Alessandro Marrone, Karolina Muti

In: IAI Papers 20|28

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Europe of Defence in the New World (Dis)Order: Choices for Italy

Ester Sabatino, Alessandro Marrone

In: Documenti IAI 20|20

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