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Blockchain: A Digital Solution for Modern Democracies?

Jesse Colzani

In: IAI Commentaries 19|34

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Not So Global, Not So Compact

Ferruccio Pastore

In: IAI Commentaries 19|02

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Strengthening European Commercial Diplomacy: Prospects and Challenges

Andrea Maccanico

In: IAI Commentaries 18|69

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Chinese Banks and Foreign Owned Subsidiaries Eye Latin American Markets

Nicola Bilotta

In: IAI Commentaries 18|61

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Crepe nel sistema

Fabrizio Saccomanni

In: Other papers and articles

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Making the United Nations Relevant to All

María Fernanda Espinosa

In: IAI Commentaries 18|52

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The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 1, March 2019


The Unintended Consequences of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations

Ferdi De Ville, Niels Gheyle

In: The International Spectator 54/1
The International Spectator, Vol. 54, No. 1, March 2019

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