IAI Award: young talented wanted

The IAI is dedicating its first international prize to young people. It will awarded to the best essays on issues concerning European and global dynamics. The topic selected for this edition is: "What does Europe mean to you and how can it be improved?". To participate in the competition, aimed at students and graduates, send an essay, written in English or Italian to the IAI by July 8th. The winning essays will be published. The first prize is a three-month paid internship at the Institute.

Public opinion widely considers the EU the most successful peace project of our time, a source of prosperity and economic opportunity and the best chance Europeans have to play a role on a global stage dominated by major powers. Yet, in recent years the EU has been increasingly perceived more in terms of it most binding and at times even rigid and incomprehensible aspects as a costly and austere bureaucracy detached from its citizens, or as the veil behind which “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must” (Thucydides’ “History of the Peloponnesian War”)

Taking these considerations as a premise, what does the European Union mean to you in your everyday life as well as when you look into the future – both your own and that of your country? Above all, how would you like to see the Union change into a Europe of which you can be a proud and  active citizen?

The Institute has decided to put this wealth of knowledge, relationships, and successes to good use by awarding an international prize particularly aimed at young people:

Young Talents for Italy, Europe and the World
“You and Europe: a love/hate relationship”

The topic selected for this edition is " What does Europe mean to you and how would you improve it?".


Q: Are only social science students allowed to participate?
A: Absolutely not, participation is open to all students – and people who graduated no more than one year before the deadline– in any discipline.

Q. What does "graduate from no more than a year" mean?
A. In order to take part in the competition, candidates who have already graduated must have obtained their degree no more than 12 months before the deadline of the competition, i.e. from 8 July  2017 onwards

Q: Are only political-social themes allowed?
A: No, every aspect of civil life can be addressed

Q. Do I need to be an Italian citizen or reside in Italy to participate?
A: No, it is necessary to be enrolled - or have obtained a degree - in a University present in Italy

Q: Should the notes be footnotes or endnotes?
A: End notes. If necessary, the IAI Guidelines for authors can be consulted.