Silvana Angelini (email)
Front office and secretary

Alessandra Bertino (email)

Nathalie Champion (email)
Programme assistant

Rossella Cazzato (email)
Head of the Finance/Administrative Office

Maritza Cricorian (email)
Secretary general

Elisabetta Farroni (email)
Programme assistant

Eleonora Febbe (email)
Social media manager

Giulia Fiorentino (email)
Project Management Office

Anna Gaone (email)
Programme assistant

Leo Goretti (email)
Katia Marchesi (email)
Assistant to Director and President

Luca Pacella (email)
Project Manager; Head of the Project Management Office

Francesca Paganucci (email)
Programme assistant;
RESIST Communication officer

Marta Paladini (email)
Project Management Office

Carla Pellegrini (email)
Finance/Administrative Office

Giuseppe Pinto (email)
IT administrator

Gabriele Rosana (email)
Social media manager; Editor of

Giorgia Santamaria (email)
Project Assistant

Serena Santoli (email)
Press officer

Gabriele Tonne (email)
"The International Spectator"