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The EU's Constructions of the Mediterranean

Münevver Cebeci
Roma, IAI, giugno 2017, 22 p.
In: MedReset Papers

Confusione nel Golfo

Stefano Silvestri
in, 14 giugno 2017
In: Altri paper e articoli

American Discourses and Practices in the Mediterranean since 2001: A Comparative Analysis with the EU

Sally Khalifa Isaac, Haidi Esmat Kares
Roma, IAI, giugno 2017, 37 p.
In: MedReset Papers

Towards Youth-Inclusive Policies in the Mediterranean (2)

Maria Cristina Paciello, Daniela Pioppi
in European Policy Briefs, maggio 2017, 5 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

Vol. 52, No. 2, June 2017

Silvia Colombo, Eman Ragab,
In: The International Spectator

Editorial Note: Foreign Relations of the GCC Countries amid Shifting Global and Regional Dynamics

Silvia Colombo, Eman Ragab
p. 1-13
In: The International Spectator

Status and Foreign Policy Change in Small States: Qatar's Emergence in Perspective

Babak Mohammadzadeh
p. 19-36
In: The International Spectator

Foreign Policy Activism in Saudi Arabia and Oman

Silvia Colombo
p. 54-70
In: The International Spectator