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The Mediterranean Reset: Geopolitics in a New Age

Anoush Ehteshami, Daniela Huber, Maria Cristina Paciello,
Global Policy E-books, 2017, 161 p.
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Investigating Cognitive and Normative Frames of Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Stakeholders on Migration and Mobility Issues, in Their Relations with the EU

Emanuela Roman, Ferruccio Pastore, Irene Ponzo [...]
Roma, IAI, settembre 2017, 42 p.
In: MedReset Papers

Global Identities: Embedding the Middle East and North Africa Region in the Wider World

Katerina Dalacoura, Silvia Colombo, Gülşah Dark
Roma, IAI, settembre 2017, 24 p.
In: MENARA Papers

Peace Economics: Opportunities and Options for a Post-Conflict Middle East

Andrea Dessì
Roma, IAI, settembre 2017, 21 p.
In: Documenti IAI

The EU and Geopolitics in the Mediterranean

Anoush Ehteshami, Ariabarzan Mohammadi
in European Policy Briefs, settembre 2017, 9 p.
In: MedReset Papers

The Key Powers' Construction of the Mediterranean

Anoush Ehteshami, Ariabarzan Mohammadi
Roma, IAI, settembre 2017, 20 p.
In: MedReset Papers

Challenging the State in the Middle East and North Africa: The Role of Identities

Nizar Messari, Lorenzo Kamel, Zeynep Gülöz Bakır [...]
Roma, IAI, settembre 2017, 23 p.
In: MENARA Papers

State and Non-State Alliances in the Middle East

Kristina Kausch
p. 36-47
In: The International Spectator