Lorenzo Kamel

Senior fellow; IAI Research Studies and Quaderni IAI editor
Middle East
North Africa

Lorenzo Kamel is Senior Fellow at IAI, where he is scientific director of New-Med, book series editor (IAI Research Studies and Quaderni IAI), and IAI scientific coordinator of MENARA. He is also Marie Curie Experienced Researcher at the University of Freiburg's Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), where he lectures on the history of the Middle East, and Associate at Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), where he was resident Postdoc Fellow for two years.
He received a two-year’s M.A. in Israeli Society and Politics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Ph.D. in History at the University of Bologna, and obtained the habilitation, by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR), as Associate Professor in Contemporary History (11/03, D.D. 1532/2016); Cultures of the Ancient Near East, of the Middle East and Africa (10/N1, D.D. 1532/2016); History of International Relations (14/B2, D.D. 1532/2016): in all three cases with the unanimous approval of the board of examiners.
He held lessons, seminars and courses in Italian and international universities and lived for several years in the Middle East, serving also as a visiting fellow in Egypt (‘Ain Shams University, Cairo), the Palestinian Territories (Birzeit University, Ramallah), Israel (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), and Turkey (Bilkent University, Ankara).
He published eight books – including Imperial Perceptions of Palestine: British Influence and Power in Late Ottoman Times (I.B. Tauris 2015) and Arab Spring and Peripheries. A Decentring Research Agenda (Routledge 2016). Other publications include about 35 articles on academic journals – such as the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Peace and Change, Eurasian Studies, New Middle Eastern Studies, Passato e Presente, Storicamente, Oriente Moderno, Mediterranean Politics, The International Spectator – and over 150 articles on journals such as Ha’aretz, Al-Monitor, The National Interest, Project Syndicate, Al-Jazeera.
He speaks Italian, English, Hebrew, Arabic, has a working knowledge of French, Ottoman Turkish, and Latin, and received the 2016 “Palestine Book Award”, the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Grant (2015), and the 2010 International “Giuseppe Sciacca” Award. Lorenzo is 36 years old and a proud father of Niccolò and Valerie.

See also https://harvard.academia.edu/LorenzoKamel.

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