Turkey & EU neighbourhood

Director: Nathalie Tocci
Researchers: Daniela Huber, Nona Mikhelidze
Programme & Events assistant: Nathalie Champion

A focus of research at IAI is on EU’s relations with Turkey and the Caucasus.

Turkey is not only an EU accession state, but its regional role in the Caucasus and the Middle East is of crucial importance for the EU not only due to its contribution to stability in a rapidly transforming region, but also for its emerging role as a regional energy hub. Research in this area focuses on several dimensions: dynamics in the accession process and Turkey’s place in a future Europe, domestic developments in Turkey and the state of Turkish democracy, Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East and the Caucasus, as well as Turkey’s role in regional energy politics and energy cooperation with the EU. To carry out these activities, IAI is cooperating with leading analysts and research institutions working on these issues in Europe and Turkey, has created an established series of publications on these issues, and is presenting its research results in a chain of conferences in diverse European capitals.

The Caucasus has come ever closer to the EU in terms of energy politics and security issues. Research in this area explores, on one hand, emerging energy politics in the region with a focus on the Southern Gas Corridor and the role it can play in European energy security. On the other, it looks at conflicts in the Caucasus, their impact on Europe and the role the EU can play in resolving them, including its indirect approaches to peacebuilding through the promotion of good governance, democracy, and human rights. For this purpose, an ongoing series of conferences and publications has been launched in 2011.