A major programmatic focus of this work for IAI is carried out by the Security Programme


  • Next generation of information systems to support EU external policies - CIVILnEXT

    The aim of CIVILnEXT is to develop and provide CSDP missions with a platform to manage and control operations – the Operational Control Platform (OCP). The OCP is expected to improve coordination...

    Start/End: 2018 - current
  • European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster - ENCIRCLE

    ENCIRCLE is a four-year project aimed at enhancing the EU CBRN industry competitiveness, increasing the benefits of the EU research and innovation and enlarging CBRN market. The main objective is...

    Start/End: 2017 - current
  • European Think-Tanks Group (ETTG)

    IAI is part of the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) together with four other leading European international cooperation think tanks: the German Development Institute (DIE), the European Centre...

    Start/End: 2017 - current
  • NOSY - New Operational Sensing sYstem

    The project NOSY (New Operational Sensing sYstem) is focused on the development of a new monitoring system equipped with miniaturised sensors which could, in case of suspicious substances,...

    Start/End: 2015 - current
  • EU-CIVCAP - Preventing and responding to conflict: developing EU CIVilian CAPabilities for a sustainable peace

    Preventing the outbreak of conflicts and promoting a sustainable peace remains a key challenge for policy-makers and analysts. The EU and Member States should acquire adequate capabilities in...

    Start/End: 2015 - current
  • IMG-S: Integrated Mission Group for Security

    IMG-S is permanent open forum bringing together technology and security experts from industry, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), research and technology organizations and academia. In support to...

    Start/End: 2011 - current
  • SERIT: SEcurity Research in Italy

    National Technological Platform on Security jointly promoted by Finmeccanica and CNR (National Research Council). SERIT brings together companies and institutions in Italy engaged in research on...

    Start/End: 2011 - current
  • Security and Defence Programme

    Defence budgets and industry: tables and graphs  (A.Marrone, A.Ungaro)
    This document presents the results of the Institute's comparison of the main defence economics...

    Start/End: 1996 - current
  • CIVILEX- Supporting European Civilian External Actions

    CIVILEX has the objective to identify the communication and information systems in use within the EU Civilian missions, understand stakeholders’ requirements and offer possible recommendations for...

    Start/End: 2016 - 2017
  • EDEN - (End-user driven DEmo for cbrNe)

    Demo project aimed at exploiting skills and competences acquired in previous projects and R&D activities by coordinating and integrating them at the multinational and EU level. The objective...

    Start/End: 2013 - 2016