Transatlantic relations

Senior fellow: Riccardo Alcaro
Programme & Events assistant Anna Gaone

The IAI has always focussed particular attention on transatlantic issues, and North American experts have participated in many of its research projects and conferences. The Institute's publications, particularly The International Spectator, regularly include contributions from North American authors.
Since its foundation, the IAI has contributed to the formulation of policies aimed at promoting Italy's role in transatlantic relations. It has made a systematic effort to analyze the weaknesses and potential of the common transatlantic policies related to the areas of greatest political/strategic interest to Italy, such as the Balkans, Russia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Other important transatlantic issues that the Institute addresses include the future of NATO, crisis management in Europe, and trade relations between the US and Europe.
The program on Euro-Atlantic relations aims to promote the exchange of ideas and cooperation between North American and European politicians and experts so as to strengthen transatlantic ties. It involves various types of initiatives, including studies, conferences, and publications intended to develop proposals and suggestions to continually revise and update the Euro-American agenda continually. Since 1999 the program has contributed to a adding a more complete transatlantic dimension to IAI's  traditional activities regarding the Balkans and the Middle East.
This program, the agenda of which is set annually, is largely based on an institutional agreement with the German Marshall Fund in Washington and the Compagnia di San Paolo in Turin.