Energy, climate and resources

Head of Programme: Nicolò Sartori
Senior fellows: Silvia Colombo, Daniela Huber, Nona Mikhelidze
Scientific advisor: Giacomo Luciani, Valeria Termini
Associate fellow: Lorenzo Colantoni
Programme & Events assistant Nathalie Champion

In recent years, IAI has increasingly analysed the main developments and trends in the international energy sector. This is a rapidly evolving sector due to the significant increase in oil and gas consumption among the emerging economies, the US-led unconventional energy revolution, and the revision of the current consumption models necessary to cope with global climate changes. Given the strong dependence on external supplies of oil and gas, Italy and more in general the EU, currently face a set of energy challenges, on which both their political standing internationally and the sustainability of their socio-economic models depend.
IAI research activity focuses on a set of geographical areas that are of strategic value for Italian and European energy security. These include North Africa, Turkey and the South Caucasus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. In particular, the Institute pays significant attention to the role of Turkey as an emerging regional energy player, and the impact of the development of the Southern Gas Corridor on Europe's energy security. Moreover, IAI research addresses the external dimension of Italy's energy policy, as well as the policies and institutional setting needed to ensure more effective EU action in the energy domain.
IAI cooperates with the main Italian institutional actors and key energy companies, as well as with international actors involved in the Italian energy sector by organizing seminars and conferences, carrying out studies and publishing material on energy issues.